Misc - 2013 - ~
Various Projects
Product Design

Wob.io (UI, UX, Front-end) - 2012
Music Discovery engine, Collaboration project with Emir Alp

Pinnco (UI, UX, Front-end) - 2012
Fastest way to share location with url

Dotshelf (UI, UX, Front-end) - 2012
Creative domain generator

Everyvibe (UI, UX, Front-end) - 2011
Semantic social network experiment, collaboration project with Emir Alp

Every Breath Is Energy (Visual Design, Development) - 2010
Flash website, where you can donate energy to misfortunate schools by blowing wind

Istanbul Tour Studio (UI, UX, Front-end, Back-end) - 2011
Tailor made private tours and experiences. Visit Website